File Types

Vectorized Graphic

A graphic that is created using paths or vectors. You can enlarge this graphic as much as you like, without losing quality.

When to Use Vectorized Graphics

When you want to create crisp, clear graphics that can be used in logos, business cards or any detailed graphics. You can easily use vectorized graphics in the future.

Common Types of Files

Rasterized Graphic

A graphic that is made of pixels of a specific size. These pixels are colored and together form an image. When you make the image larger the pixels will show, reducing the quality of the graphic. You should avoid using rasterized graphics to ensure you get the best product.

When to use Rasterized Graphics?

Use a rasterized image when you need a smaller file size or when you are going to print your image at a low resolution.


Common Types of Files

NOTE: Designers will likely give you a PNG file for viewing, a PDF file for printing and either a Illustrator (AI) or a Photoshop file (PSD) for editing.