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A Family Business and a history in the making

In 1968, Lucien Douville graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver BC with a degree in commercial graphic design. Three years later, his daughter, Denise was born with a keen eye for design and layout from the beginning. Growing up, she observed her dad hand paint signs, eventually working part time for him after school, learning the industry.

Fast forward to 1993, when Denise earned her B.Sc. and B. Ed. from the University of Lethbridge. Denise aimed to carry on the family industry, so hung her shingle in Lethbridge as the newly named DaVinci Signs with Mark Johns, a thirteen year employee of her father.

Having a background in fine arts, Mark learned the industry from Lucien Douville as well and was mentored in a hands on, practical environment. daVinci Signs in Lethbridge, Alberta was created by merging the expertise of Denise and Mark; they have been able to provide a professional sign service in and around Southern Alberta. 

With a mutual vision for daVinci Signs’ success, the two key people are Denise Douville and Mark Johns.  The business relationship between the two was a natural fit as both have been in the sign industry for a combined total of forty years.

Denise, with a university degree, was most capable of taking over the role of managing director of the company. She foresees any long term planning and implements the short and long term projects in conjunction with Mark.

Mark, a natural sign technician in the realms of production and installation is ready to pass down his knowledge of the industry to skilled workers just entering the trade. He has taken a more passive role in the planning process and has become invaluable in the practical application of the business.

Accordingly, the two partners complement each others’ talents within the business which will enable daVinci Signs in Lethbridge, Alberta to thrive.

Denise & Mark DaVinci Signs Lethbridge

Our Work

vinyl graphics DaVinci Signs lethbridge
Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Graphics
Illuminated Sign
Reception Signage
Sandblasted Cedar Sign
Sandblasted Cedar Sign
Reception Signage

From designing to installations, we do it all!

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