Changeable Letter Signs

Promotional offers change, prices move up or down, movies come and go. Your message needs to attract the attention of each and every passerby – on foot or on wheels! That’s why menu boards are an excellent choice for any business, school or church that needs help promoting a short-term message. With a variety of colours and type styles to choose from, our menu boards make it as easy to change your message as it is to change your mind. We use Gemini Pronto Changeable Copy for our menu-board lettering. Our menu boards are custom made and available in a variety of sizes and colours. We apply tracking material to the menu board so that the Gemini letters are quick and easy to change.

Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 inches
Variety of colours available
Variety of type styles available
Includes a full supply of letters & numbers

Quick and easy to change
Completely customizable
Eye-catching and effective

Business advertising
Special events
School events
Church events