Cedar Signs (Sandblasted)

Long term outdoor durable finished cedar. Built to withstand years of outdoor use, large or small with few colours or many, sandblasted signs give you a unique three-dimensional, elegant and handcrafted look that will instantly set you apart from your competitors. Sandblasting is a method of natural relief fabrication. By placing a rubber stencil over letters and images and then etching the background with a high-pressure mix of sand and air, the sign takes on a textured look. Sandblasted signs are by far the most effective, attractive and durable signs available. They’re perfect for residential homes or cottages and bed and breakfast’s to greet your guests. We will work with you to custom design your full colour cedar sign, from start to finish.

Variety of sizes available
Hand painted in full colour

Excellent for long term outdoor use
Weather resistant
Water resistant
Durable and long lasting
Custom designed
Custom painted

Cottages or residences
Bed and breakfasts
Exterior signage
Monument signs